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Women in Ministry

"In a world full of ADAMS let's talk about EVE."

We don’t often “think” about it--but being a woman in ministry can often present us with a variety of joys and a unique set of challenges. Developing tools and skills to address these differences can play a key role in our ability to be effective in our ministry. Are you ready to talk about EVE?


Aspiring Clergy

Getting Started:

Who's calling?

What's the question?

How do I answer?


Newly Appointed

How do I chart a course in a sea of possibilities?


Established Clergy

Feeling tossed at sea?

Is it time to

re-calibrate your compass?

Fees and Scheduling

Individual Coaching:

UMC Clergy $ 20.00 per session and requires a 6 week commitment with the first session being free. (Can start at any time)


Group Coaching:  

Offered Seasonally: Winter, Spring, Fall 

Requires a commitment to 8 monthly sessions first session is free.

$ 15.00 per session @ 8 sessions = $120.00

Add on Individual Coaching $10.00 per session 

For Scheduling or Inquiries please contact:

Rev Roberta Cook at:

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