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Local and Licensed Pastors

Many times being called to be a local Pastor means being bi-vocational or even a total career change--it means taking  the helm of a new ship—navigating new waters--sometimes learning when to wade and when to swim—and being able to see in the dark as we keep our eyes focused on the light-house so we land safely .

Image by Dylan McLeod

All Aboard

Taking the helm of a new ship?

Changing course?

Wondering how to get onboard?


Skills for Ministry

Feeling tied in knots?

Looking to learn the ropes?

Wondering how to navigate the course?

Image by Lynda Hinton

Staying Anchored

Are you staying anchored in Christ?

Keeping all hands on deck?

Do you have lifelines to grab onto?

Fees and Scheduling

Individual Coaching: UMC Clergy $ 20.00 per session and requires a 6 week commitment with the first session being free. (Can start at any time)


Group Coaching:  

Offered Seasonally: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall 

Requires a commitment to 8 monthly sessions first session is free.

$ 15.00 per session @ 8 sessions = $120.00

Add on Individual Coaching $10.00 per session 

For scheduling and inquiries please contact:

Rev Roberta Cook at:

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