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Discipleship and Development

Discipleship is the heartbeat of the church. Our mission as followers of Jesus Christ is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

So how do you make one?  What is the disciples role?

Aren't I one already?  Does your church need a clear pathway for making disciples?  Journey with me to unlock a sea of possibilities!


Schedule your  intentional discipleship workshop. Workshop includes 3 sessions  with 2 hour online trainings via zoom. This workshop features ideas and guiding principles from Phil Maynard's book "Shift".

Taught by Rev. Roberta Cook trained by Phil Maynard.

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Creating a Discipleship Pathway Workshop--3 Sessions, 2 hours each on zoom


This is a workshop that is provided at little cost to you and your congregation.  Although there is a small registration fee—the fee only covers the cost of your work-book. 


If you wish to purchase the book SHIFT 2.0 by Phil Maynard which the workshop is patterned after you may do so at  However the book while helpful is not required.


What will you learn?  You will learn the guiding principles of discipleship. 

Beginning with the end in mind, The Stages Discipleship, How to Move from Membership to Discipleship, Seeing Discipleship is a contact sport and understand that intentional training supports intentional growth 


Scheduling a Workshop


To schedule a workshop directly with me please email me at, or visit my Facebook page at Coaching 4 Empowered Living and Ministry and PM me.

Coaching for Churches

Build on foundations from the "Shift" workshop, we begin to explore the path to implementation of the discipleship pathway. Ready for the next step?

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++ Pre-requisite—This assumes you have completed the workshop: “Creating a Discipleship Pathway (


Wish to delve deeper into creating a discipleship pathway? 

Ready to implement the principles you have learned?

Coaching can help.  Simply pick the package option that works for you and let’s get started.


What You will learn:

In this you will learn to “build upon” the guiding principles you learned in the workshop and create your own discipleship pathway.

Coaching Packages

Church Specific Group Coaching: 10 Sessions-- Individual church coaching allows us to focus on the unique needs of your congregation.  

FEE: $100/session x 10 sessions = $1,000


Group coaching for churches:  10 Sessions-- With this option you will meet with a group of churches and while the content is the same as church specific-- the sessions are not tailored to any one particular congregation. 

FEE: $30/session x 10 sessions=    $300


Note: Coaching for Leadership and Individual coaching for Discipleship (Based on Discipleship Survey) can be “added” to your package for a reduced fee.


Coaching for Leadership 

Usually as an “add on” leadership coaching is a 5 session package focused on supporting the key leader (usually pastor) as they lead a congregation through the process. 

Clergy:       $ 15.00/session x 5 sessions = $75.00

Laity           $ 30.00/session 5 sessions= $ 150.00


Package Add On: Individual Coaching for Discipleship (Based on Discipleship Survey)

Coaching for discipleship based on the discipleship survey taken during the workshop is 5 sessions in which I will work with you individually as you seek to develop personally as a disciple. 


Clergy:  $ 15.00/session x 5 sessions = $75.00

Laity:    $ 30.00/session 5 sessions= $ 150.00

Personalized Discipleship Plans

More Information

Individual Coaching for leadership & Discipleship (Based on Discipleship survey).


Workshop not for you?  

Want to grow in discipleship?

Let’s talk about personal improvement.

Coaching is limited to the discipleship survey and growing personally as a disciple.


Clergy $ 20.00 x 5 sessions: $ 100.00

Laity $ 50.00 x 5 Sessions: $ 250.00

Still not the right fit? Let's Chat!

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