Discipleship and Development

Discipleship is the heartbeat of the church. Our mission as followers of Jesus Christ is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

So how do you make one?  What is the disciples role?

Aren't I one already?  Does your church need a clear pathway for making disciples?  Journey with me to unlock a sea of possibilities!


Schedule your  intentional discipleship workshop. Workshop includes 3 sessions  with 2 hour online trainings via zoom. This workshop features ideas and guiding principles from Phil Maynard's book "Shift".

Taught by Rev. Roberta Cook trained by Phil Maynard.

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Coaching for Churches

Build on foundations from the "Shift" workshop, we begin to explore the path to implementation of the discipleship pathway. Ready for the next step?

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Coaching Packages

Personalized Discipleship Plans

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